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Over 1000 orders! Over 1000 satisfied customers!

★★ Keywords That Will Have Your Website QUICKLY AND EASILY Rank #1 On Google For Any Niche Using The Most Advanced Competition Analysis Ever ★★

Some Reviews From Customers Who Have Come To Us

DatMoney –
One of the perfect kw research service I have ever seen. Seller do a in-depth analysis of comp, # of competitors, cpc, search count for global and local and most importantly….. perfect KW with little to no competition. Highly recommended to all.

Retraction –
I just wanna say, I got the best keywords ever in BHW from this guy. I got the gold package and it was 9k average search monthly with a $10 CPC!!!!! That’s monstrous CPC!

And better yet, I checked on Moz keyword difficulty, it got 29% difficulty, which is easy as hell to rank for. I am sure to buy way more keywords from this guy.

Conclusion: High search volume, Monstrously high CPC, low difficulty.

First off I want to say that the excel spread sheet with the keywords is very well organised and arrived very quickly in in my inbox.

I reviewed some of the keywords in the package and they were well researched and contained accurate information metrics. The OP even over delivered in keyword quantity.

Anyone that is looking to break in a new niche and wants to forego the keyword research part will be more then satisfied with the work nihalsad delivers.

justanotherkid –
Hey! I was chosen to receive a gold package and these keywords are amazing for the price and stats!! Would recommend to anyone!

EDIT: wow, the statistics and measurements are well presented and easy to understand; will buy from soon

Received my report in Excel format.. There were a total of about 45 — 5 easy and the rest medium… The report was easy to understand, well organized and chock full of great data! There was info about avg backlinks, avg PR, search volume, CPC and more.. Would highly recommend!



Castiel999 –
eview:The Op gave me a free golden nugget review copy and after taking a look at the keywords I got only two things to say overdelivered and amazing keywords.Man these kw’s are not good at all coz they are pretty awesome man that was not expected from a giveaway but the OP took the extra pain to deliver 80% less-relatively less comp. kw’s .Hats off to OP and will definitely buy from you.Regards,Castiel.

Thanks you. Great information! A ton of keywords and all the breakdowns. Awesome A++++++

Want To Rank Your Site For Any Niche/Topic/Product?

Starting a new site? Already have a website? Mini site? Authority site? Articles? Blogs? Videos?

Also great for local businesses, ie Restaurants San Antonio, Electricians Atlanta, Ink Cartridges Chicago , etc

This is also perfect for those who need more content/articles to expand your site and boost traffic!

1. Tell us your niche or what your website is about.
2. We will analyze that ENTIRE niche (example: burn fat, plumbers Austin, coffee makers, diabetes, save marriage, etc) using the most advanced research methods in existence.
3. We will hand you a complete list of the most EASY TO RANK keywords in that niche to dominate Google 1st page rankings with scientific accuracy. These keywords can be ranked fast and easy.

FACT – Keywords should your #1 top priority. Ask any SEO expert. Get this wrong – and your website is dead on the water. You need to get your website ranked in Google top position and this service is vital to that end.

No keyword softwares that you do not know how to use effectively, no guessing, no hassle, no mistake and no research whatsoever on your part.Understand that the Google Keyword Tool cannot tell you which keywords you can rank for as it cannot do competition analysis! The competition column you see there is Adwords competition!

What You Get:
A complete list of the most easy to rank keywords that will get you to top of Google for your chosen niche/website with monthly search volume in EXACT search format – based on the very best competition analysis method in existence.
We will tell you which keywords in your niche/website are

If your website is to grab #1 in Google, this information is absolutely vital! People not familiar with SEO make the mistake of thinking they can target any keywords for their website, order a link campaign and rank fast and easy. WRONG! Also know what to expect and do, if you wish to target Difficult keywords in your niche/website.
You will know immediately which keywords to go for. I will not bombard you with unnecessary data. My service is so good that half my orders are from repeat customers!
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